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It is my great pleasure and honor to welcome you to the official website of the Faculty of Science, Assiut University. Our belief that basic science is the main foundation for advancement in the society encourages us to take the challenge of establishing and maintaining high levels of teaching and research in basic science, and we trust we are making progress in this regard. The college awards the bachelor’s degree in more than twenty branches of basic science. This makes us one of the nation’s most scientifically rich academic institutions. In addition, higher degrees (M.Sc., Ph.D. and honorary degrees) are awarded. Our college is accredited by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Education. Being the first to be accredited among the many colleges of science in Egypt comes as no surprise, and certainly has not come out of a vacuum. The college is well equipped with teaching and research facilities as well as highly qualified staff. Many of our staff have obtained their degrees in renowned universities, and are still keeping intimate collaboration with colleagues in these world-reputed institutions. This enriches our research fields and keeps us up to the most advanced trends in science. We are also backed with a fairly long history of success, as in 2017 our college will celebrate its sixtieth anniversary. Along these six decades the college has been a notable supplier of well educated alumni, not only to the Egyptian society, but also to other countries. One of our main goals is thus to continue in creating a hospitable environment for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, to help them excel in their learning and research.
The faculty has established several units whose tasks are directed toward the enhancement of learning, teaching, research and community services. To name a few, the Multidisciplinary Research Center of Excellence is one of these distinguished units. It aims at the conducting and promoting of high level applied scientific research. It also supports and coordinates the implementation and management of multidisciplinary research in national priority areas in partnership with relevant research groups around us. A Center of Scientific Consultancies and Services has also been initiated, to act as house of experience, presenting help to the society and scientific solutions to environmental problems. Also, to maintain close liaison with the alumni, a specific unit has been set up to be a link between the faculty and its former graduates.
This is just a sample of the faculty units that were initiated to keep a dynamic interaction between the faculty and its environment. You can browse through our website for more information. You are also very welcome to contact us any time.

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