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Botany & Microbiology Department Vision


For pursuance of its mission the department places a particular emphasis on the following objectives:-

· Introduction of new courses which focus on the molecular biology and biotechnology.

· Cooperation with other scientific departments and faculties for establishing interdisciplinary specialization such as biophysics, bioinformatics, medical microbiology, etc.

· Continuous strengthening of the scientific and cultural relationships with the scientific organizations in Egypt and international Universities.

· Preparation of graduates who can fulfill the needs of the scientific research laboratories, and the national projects that deal with plant and microbial sources.

· Provision of an educational system that faculties preparation for young and brilliant scientists who contribute in the development of the society.

· Focusing on the studies and researches in both academic and applied fields that aim at development and community services.


Botany & Microbiology Department Mission


· Supply the market with highly qualified graduates achievement of the employment market needs.

· The department plays an essential role in solving the environmental problems and in community services in cooperating with other scientific faculties and organizations.

· Participation in achieving the faculty mission by preparing distinguished generation of scientists for the scientific, educational and industrial fields.

· The department provides excellent educational services for students inn Botanical science discipline during Bachelor study, in order to equip them with required skills, according to the local and international criteria.

· Offering the experiences and counsels for production organizations and services sectors of the society.

· The department offers the Bachelor degree in three different majors including:

* Bachelor of special Botany.

* Bachelor of Chemistry and Microbiology.

* Bachelor of Chemistry and Botany

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