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About the Department

The Department of Chemistry has developed rapidly since its inception in 1957 with the founding of Assiut University.

One of our important tasks in this Department is to create a climate that encourages excellence and productive scientific work and spur all members to do their best. The Chemistry Department in the Faculty of Science is the Largest in Assiut University (128 departments) and second to none in all Upper Egypt. Among a total of over 129 Faculty members and teaching assistants in our department there are sixty five Professors, sixteen Assistant Professors, and fourteen Lecturers whose research activities cover wide range of modern chemistry.


Department Mission


The mission of our department is two folds: (1) to educate and train students so that they can acquire suitable professions which require background in chemistry; and (2) to further enhance academic expertise and promote scientific excellence in chemistry. The department sees itself as having a dual role at Assiut University. In one role it educates students who wish to specialize in chemistry and obtain B.Sc. and/or higher degree. In a second role, the department offers courses to meet the needs of other students in the faculty of science as well as the needs of non-science major students at other faculties.


Department Vision


The chemistry department regularly seeks progressive upgrading in courses and academic programs, and modernization of teaching techniques and methods of student assessment and upgrading the graduate standard to be competent for competition in the work market.

The department also adapts a strategy for future plan of research which contributes for the prosperity of the society.


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