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The department of mathematics at Assiut University is housed in one of the two – adjacent building of the Faculty of Science, a – 5 story building built in the early 1960 s.

The department has a library which houses thousands of books and periodicals in almost all branches of mathematics.

The department is also equipped with five computer laboratories. Two of the laboratories, for the staff members, assistant lecturers and demonstrators, each houses 5 microcomputers and 2 printers . The last three, for the students, each houses 30 microcomputers and 3 printers .

The mathematics staff members include 62 faculty members , 9 assistant lecturers and 14 demonstrators .

Active research programs are performed in the department in most areas of mathematics , particularly , functional analysis, real and complex analysis, differential equations , differential geometry , information geometry, general relativity, algebra , topology, fuzzy mathematics , numerical analysis , mathematical statistics, computer science , operations research , quantum mechanics , statistical mechanics , elasticity , plasma physics and nonlinear dynamical systems .

According to the departmental system, the mathematics department is responsible for teaching courses in mathematics and computer science to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the faculties of science ,education ,engineering ,agriculture ,pharmacy,…etc

The department has recently upgraded the curriculum and now has courses leading to B.Sc in computer science besides Diplomas in these areas.

The department has arranged a special program of study for teachers of mathematics of the schools in Assiut Governorate . Summer training courses are also offered to the Faculty of science students in computers and programming.

Since 1957 , the department granted 177 M.Sc. degrees and 65 Ph.D degrees in almost all branches of mathematics.

During the past years the department participated in the joint supervision channel system for several Ph.D. candidates. This was achieved in collaboration with a number of distinguished Professors from U.S.A. , Russia ,Austria, Japan , and Germany.

The department made arrangements for two conferences. The first conference was held on July 1985 "Third conference of Topology" and the second conference was held on February 1990 "Assiut first international conference of mathematics and statistics" “International Conference on Modern Development in Elementary Particles Physics , last session held in Assiut University on February 1999 “

In cooperation with the Egyptian Mathematical Society, the department arranged one-day seminars in the fields :

“Numerical Analysis and Applications “February 1997

“Hydrodynamics and Applications” February 1998 ,

“Numerical Analysis ,Computer Science and their Applications” February 2002

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