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    The Physics Department was inaugurated in the academic year 1957/1958. The Department is housed in one building in the campus of Assiut University. The Department occupies five floors, which are built in the early 1960`s that enable the department to be one of the most modern physics laboratories in Egypt. The department has been started by 4 members of academic staff and two demonstrators; they are now 48Faculty members, 5 Assistant Lecturers and 15 Demonstrators. The total size of the Department provides excellent facilities for academic and applied research and assures students of good guidance. Active research programs are performed in the Physics Department in different areas, such as theoretical physics, solid state physics, radiation physics, plasma physics and corona discharge. Demonstrators and assistant lecturers take the advantage of the opportunity to take part in the teaching program of the Department. This is either in the student laboratories or in tutorial classes.

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