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Mission of Zoology Department

* Is a nationally and internationally recognized academic department that undertakes research and renders community service in the biological sciences.

* Offers diverse programs designed to acquaint students with a broad knowledge of Zoological principles in association with other basic sciences.

* Contributes to the educational, cultural, social, economic and sustainable development of the Upper Egypt communities, especially those of Assiut and New Valley.


Strategy of Zoology Department

In the following 5 years (2008- 2013) the department strategy includes:

1- Applying the Credit Hour system in teaching to meet community requirements in the light of international development in science and technology.

2- Completing the infrastructure and enhancing the under-graduate and post-graduate laboratories with new equipments and instruments.

3- Electronic printing of the under- and post-graduate courses of Zoology and Entomology programs.

4- Development of 5-years scientific research plan.

5- Development of national and international cooperation.

6- Organization of conference and workshops on zoological environmental, and biodiversity issues.

7- Exchange of students and staff visits with international universities.

8- Finding new sources of research funds.

9- Establishment and construction of aquatic station on the Red Sea coast for aquatic environmental research, equipped with environmental, fisheries and pollution measurement instruments and tools.

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