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Faculty of Specific Education is one of The Faculties of Assiut University. It aims at preparing specialized teachers and qualified practitioners in the fields of Music , Arts Education , and Home Economics who are highly trained on the required skills of their specialization. The faculty also makes use of it’s the human resources and financial abilities in serving society and environment.

The faculty seeks to be one of the sources of enlightenment and art in Upper Egypt. It aims at providing generations with science and knowledge in all fields of specialization and promoting common sense of the society and the surrounding environment. The faculty vision and mission were approved by the university president on behalf of the faculty council on 05/ 11/ 2005 and the faculty mission has been compatible with the university mission.

Preparing specialized staff qualified for teaching in music , art education and home economics.Preparing an artist capable of creating and developing artistic works in all majors of the faculty.Deepening the national loyalty among students of the faculty via studying the artistic works of Ancient Egyptian civilizations and their characteristics.Promoting aesthetic values of the students of the faculty to face the audio- visual pollu

Faculty Dean
Dean's word
أبنائى وبناتى طلبة وطالبات كلية التربية النوعية كل عام ٢٠١٦/ وأنتم طيبين بمناسبة بدء العام الجامعى الجديد ٢٠١٥ أتمنى ان يكون عاماً سعيداً وأن تهتموا بدراستكم لكى يكون فى نهاية العام النجاح حليفكم وأن تضيفوا للعلم والفن بإبداعكم وأدعو الله ان يوفقكم ولكم خالص الأمنيات وكل عام وأنتم بخير والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.