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Special announcement   Hospital Al Rajhi   Assiut University

Dr. Tarek Beauty Vice President of Assiut University for Graduate Studies and Research and Chairman of the Board of University Hospitals Management announced the provision of Al Rajhi Hospital for liver drug treatment for the virus 'C' at a price of 420 pounds monthly dose as an outpatient at the hospital which is less expensive than available government and university hospitalsDr. Osama Ibrahim, director of Al Rajhi Hospital has added that the move comes to ensure the opportunity to treat the largest possible number of patients with "C" virus in Upper Egypt, under the auspices of Dr. Ahmed Abdo Djaas university president, praising the work of Al Rajhi University Hospital of the liver, which is a medical edifices outstanding at the level of level which helps in the treatment of many patients with liver disease and liver surgery and digestive agriculture, and work to provide decent health care specialist for patients from different governorates of Upper Egypt.For his part, Dr. Ihab Fawzi, deputy Rajhi Hospital director announced the start of work clinics specialist such as a clinic follow patients with liver transplantation and Clinic of liver tumors and Clinic nutrition clinic colitis in addition to the Viral Hepatitis Clinic and Clinic liver and digestive hospital diseases, which comes in the framework sought permanent hospital to keep up the latest global therapeutic systems in that specialization


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