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Assiut University announces the launch of Snaiei initiative in cooperation with the "mettle" of Technology


                                 Under the auspices of Dr. Ahmed Abdo Djaas President of Assiut University unit transfer of technology and information I have seen the university starting a new initiative is the first of its kind in the province of Assiut, a "Snaiei" initiative and the beginning of the first of November and in cooperation with the company "solutions" one of the companies foster technological "mettle" .
Dr. Wael Mahmoud Khairuddin Unit Manager, Integrated Technology transfer has told the university that the initiative will provide employment and you may need the homes and businesses of all kinds of plumbing and carpentry and paints and maintenance of electrical appliances, installation and maintenance of surveillance cameras, will the initiative is characterized by rapidly responding to the applicant, skill and low cost .
He added that the initiative includes the other hand, intelligent design furniture, which aims at optimal exploitation of small spaces in apartments and dormitories and other by furniture design vertically rather than horizontally, like most existing furniture in the markets now also based on a design piece or per room of furniture so have more than one function and can be used in more than one purpose, and that the lowest possible cost. 



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