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The faculty of Social Work is working on graduating a social worker equipped with knowledge and skills according to local criteria of social work. The social worker provides the social institutions with necessary technical and administrative needs with particular interest in categories requiring extra care and makes a positive social change at the local community. In addition to this the graduate is aimed to have integrated awareness of the problems and needs of society and environment and the ethics of the profession. The mission of the faculty extends to elevate the graduates abilities via training courses and workshops in addition to post graduate programs (Master and Ph.D.). The faculty of social work contributes to the enriching of social and human sciences by conducting field research and society service, and environment development via providing technical and
professional consultation


The faculty seeks to prepare skilled and experienced quality graduate who can cope with the rapid technological and scientific developments. The graduates must be able to compete in the local and national labour markets by their constant development of the educational process. The faculty aims at conducting research and distinguished academic studies which solve the problems of local society and achieve its welfare.




1- Preparing and development of professional staff in the fields of social work and graduating social worker capable of working as general practise after proper scientific and practical preparation.
2- Updating and developing professional courses of social work to cope with the aspirations of the Egyptian society in the future and enabling the social workers to face the problems in the light of current and future circumstances.
3- Conducting research and academic studies in social fields and specialized scientific research in social work beside studying and analyzing the problems and developing scientific knowledge to cope with the clients circumstances (individuals, groups, and local communities) and linking the services of the social worker to the social policy,
philosophy, and objectives of the community.
4- Preparing training programs on the social skills of social work practitioners in all fields of social welfare.
5- Collaboration with professional institutions for the benefit of the faculty experiences and facilities in the field to achieve the objectives of planning and development on the local and
national levels.
6- Providing various programmes for studies and applied research that increase production and resolve the unemployment problem, and achieve equality and social justice for vulnerable categories in the society.

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