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Department of Case Work

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Department mission
The mission of the department in contributing to the preparation of a distinguished social worker is able to compete at the local and Arab work with individuals and families equipped with the knowledge and skills in accordance with the standards by quality locally and regionally, while contributing to raise the level of graduates through education and continuous training and graduate programs and to contribute to the development of professional practice and service community through the provision of technical advice and professional and scientific

Department Vision
Department seeks to contribute to the preparation of a graduate of the high level of skills and the ability to pursue scientific and technological development in the area of specialization with the continuing evolution of the educational process and contribute to solving community problems through scientific research conducted by researchers in the department of specialization

Department objectives
1.Curriculum development related to social planning and management of institutions and social research in the context of global developments
2. Elevating the level of graduate studies at the master's and doctoral level for the preparation of specialists in the planning 0
3. Directing research to serve the social issues involved in confronting its problems and satisfy the needs of citizens
Improve the educational process programming decisions and teaching methods that students gain advanced expertise and skills necessary to prepare them as alumni are able to exercise and performance of their quality and efficiency of
5. Contribute to the preparation and implementation of training courses and marketing in the community to serve the practitioners in the social service institutions in the areas of

  • Planning and implementation of programs
  • Department of social institutions.
  • The implementation of the Social Research

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