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Department of Fileds of Social Work

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Department mission
The Department of fields of social work to contribute to the preparation of a social worker is able to compete in the labor market and has the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in various fields of social services, extending asked him at the postgraduate level through scientific studies and the process for dealing with the problems faced by individuals, groups and communities and institutions to develop efficient and Construction customary theory and practice in the light of the innovations of local and national

Department Vision
Department seeks to contribute to the preparation of students majoring in social service and a general practitioner with experience and skills of high quality to keep pace with scientific and technological developments and competitive in the labor market, the development of elements of the educational process in the various fields of social services in particular areas such as the modern women's empowerment and welfare of those people with special needs and categories I care, research and scientific studies that contribute to solving the problems facing the community

Department objectives
The department  cooperate with other departments aim  to prepare scientific personnel and development professional to work in the areas of professional practice of social service and graduate social worker practitioner who works in post-prepared academically and practically. To contribute to the characterization of the college course and characterization of decisions on the areas of the Department of Social Service and specify the results to the target and the skills required for graduates. Teaching courses for the department in light of the characterization of the decisions and ongoing review of this characterization in light of new scientific and practical at the local, national and international levels. A research plan of the department and identify areas for the study and research in the areas of specialization fields of social services. To contribute to the development of training programs on the ground in various fields of social services so as to contribute to the development of practical training program for college in the framework of coordination with other sections. To contribute to community service for the implementation of training courses and workshops for all sectors of the community and groups, grassroots organizations, institutions and government and private and voluntary. Conduct and implementation of field research in the areas of social service so as to contribute to the development of theoretical construction of the way and the profession in general. Evolution of Graduate Studies by contributing to research in various social service and teaching courses and supervision of the Theses and field training for students

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