Dean's word :

Dear my professor, colleagues, staff and their assistants - the administrative member system - my sons and my daughters, students of the Veterinary Medicine College........
Peace, mercy and blessings of God

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine one of the biggest faculties at Assuit University and it has been established by the Ministerial Decision No. 828 at 1961.The study started on the 1961/1962 academic year, with hard work and distinguished service techniques.For those efforts, the College has gotten the Academic Accreditation of the National Organization for education quality assurance in Egypt to be the superior in this place among all the Veterinary colleges in Egypt. The College has graduated 7470 graduates till 2014 ( 4866 males, 2604 females students) , also awarded post graduated students 531 Diploma , 568 Master and 338 PhD degrees in all disciplines to engage in the community for the performance of healthy distinguished services.
Our college has begun strong and will continue with God willing, over the years and days .This can be achieved only by working together for the advancement of our beloved college, developing and advancingit to graduate distinctive veterinarian able to keep up with the stunning and continued progress witnessed by the world now, whether in community services and educational programs besidethe scientific research.This will be our goal through the performance of the staff,their assistants, and the administrative systems,also we are looking forward to improve the college's own resources to enable fulfillingits mission to the fullest.
In conclusion, we wish all of you and to our great college all progress and prosperity.

Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you.





ا.د/ حسن عباس .. عميد الكلية يشارك فى الدورة البيطرية الثانية لكليات الطب البيطرى بجامعة بنها


السيدة أ.د/ وكيل الكلية لشئون الدراسات العليا والبحوث تستقبل أ.د/ ايلينى روسا رئيس قسم التشريح بكلية الطب جامعة فرايبورج بالمانيا


متابعة إعلامية كبيرة للمؤتمر الثالث عشر للجمعية المصرية لأمراض الماشية بالتعاون مع كلية الطب البيطرى بجامعة أسيوط


بحضو محافظ البحر الأحمر .. والسيد أ.د/ عميد الكلية .. إفتتاح المؤتمر الثالث عشر للجمعية المصرية لأمراض الماشية


قرار رئيس مجلس الوزراء بشأن عقد المؤتمرات المحلية


السيد أ.د/ عميد الكلية يحضر المؤتمر الثالث عشر للجمعية المصرية لأمراض الماشية بالغردقة



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