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Scientific preparation of first and second year students in Anatomy, Embryology and Histology.


Training junior scientists through post-graduate studies (Diplomas, MSc and PhD) as well as conducting research in available specialties.


Performing suitable studies to evaluate anatomical and histological features in Animals, Birds and Fish.


Working towards establishing a center of excellence either of the museum or through preservation and constructing anatomical specimens required in teaching.  

Degree Member Telephone Mobile
Leader Department
Professor Enas Ahmed Abdel-Hafez Mahmoud 01005484888
Professor Ahmed Aboul-Magd Ahmed Mohamed 0882297910 01001813470
Professor Abdullah Hefni Taha Osman
Professor Jamal Kamel Mohamed Ali
Professor Aziza Abdel Aziz Mahmoud Selim 01014329722
Professor Ahmed Hassan Sayed Hassan 0882080754 01021101160
Professor Kamal Eldin Hashem Abdalla 0882301288 01005022428
Professor Mohamed Elmahrazi Abdel-Moneim Mohammed 2311570088 01005673230
Professor Ismail Abdel-Aziz Ibrahim Ismail 01091828682
Professor Mohamed Ahmed Alameddine Sayed Sherquaoy
Professor Mohamed Nabil Kamel Mustafa Hassan
Professor Yusreya Abdel-Ghani Abdul-Rahman 2340885-088 01007884645
Professor Eman Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud
Professor Mahmoud Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel-Naiem
Professor Ahmed Al-Zohary Zayed Ahmed
Professor Ramadan Abdel-Hafiz Syed Ahmed
Professor Abdelmohaimen Moustafa Mohamed Saleh 01028022088
Professor Khaled Hamdy Zaki Ali
Associate Professor Doaa Mohamed Mokhtar Mahmoud Ali 2406030 01003380675
Associate Professor Hanan Hassan Abdel-Hafiz Abdel-Haseeb 01096208824
Lecturer Alaa Sayed Abou-Elhamd 01143237838
Lecturer Ahmed Mohamed Kotb Hassan 2372579 01003072889
Lecturer Wafaa Jaber Mahmoud Mohammed Abdel-Shavy 088 2319781 01003746818
Lecturer Mahmoud Abdel-Karim Mahmoud 01094453945
Lecturer Marwa Mohamed Hussein Hassan 2299975 01063455235
Lecturer Fatma Mohamed Abdel-Maksoud 2325458 01062538093
Lecturer Manal Tawfik Hussein
Lecturer Ruwaida Abdelmoaty AbdelSalam Elhanbaly 01060960424
Lecturer Abdelraheim Hassan Hussein Ali Attaai 01005373067
Lecturer Fatma El-zahraa Ahmed Mustafa 01010026036
Lecturer Sara Mahmoud Mohamed El-Desoky 0882320926 01008320716
Demonstrator Heba Mohamed Mostafa Ahmed 2432406 01277211079
Demonstrator Sahar Fadl Hashem Shehata 01024823869
Demonstrator Sabreen Mustafa Ghareeb 01067167449
Demonstrator Nagwa Ibrahim Ali Sultan 01007949132
Demonstrator Asmaa Nabil Mohamed Ahmed 0882092794 01012473307

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