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Preparation of graduates who have the scientific bases in the field of gynecology, obstetrics and artificial insemination. They should be well trained for diagnosis of animal diseases and these scientific bases should be compatible with the modern techniques. The use of human resources, research facilities and consultant experience in solving of Gynecological and Obstetrical problems in farm animals as well as environmental problems to serve the production sector for the community development. This will be achieved through excellent course compatible with the international standards and establishment of scientific and applied researches and positively reaction of the department with environmental service and community development. 

Degree Member Telephone Mobile
Leader Department
Professor Hassan Abdel-Sabour Ali Hussein 002882398177 01010801151
Professor Ahmed Mamdouh Hamed Osman 088/26920781 01069343423
Professor Shehata Hassan Mohamed Shehata 0127433193
Professor Gaber Ahmed Megahed Gaber 002/088/2297747 01001658725
Professor Abdel Razek Khalifa Abdel Razek Ahmed 2134496 - 088 - 01220290049
Professor Ahmed Mustafa Hussein Ali 088/3611912 01061855507
Professor Dirar Refat Ibrahim Mohamed 088/2288635 01001285788
Associate Professor Taymour Mohammed EL-Sherry 01289539325
Associate Professor Mohamed Ali Abdelghani Ahmed 088/2508475 010025308772
Lecturer Mohamed Samy Abd Elkader Yousef 01159503998
Demonstrator Moustafa Mohammed Moawad 01063482216
Demonstrator Mohamed Abdou Mahmoud ِAbdelsabour 01115398857
Demonstrator Haitham Abd Elaleem Mofadel Abd Elaleem 01017131403

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