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Carry out continuous improvement of animal nutrition and clinical nutrition course for students and work towards achieving a competent graduate able to react with nutritional field problems. In addition carrying eminent scientific research and applied studies in animal nutrition for the surrounding community. The department is planning to be a reference scientific center for feed analysis and rations formulation for farms; ration industries, as well as individuals as well as offering consultations when needed.

Degree Member Telephone Mobile
Leader Department
Professor Abdel-Basset Sayed
Professor Nabila Abdel-Hady Jaziah 2333976 01001656040
Professor Hassan Abbas Mohammed Abdel-Rahim 2332592 088 01027704511
Professor Jamal Mohammad Muhanna Massad 086/7828787 01144325390
Lecturer Sherief Mohamed Abdel- Raheem Diab 0111011452
Assistant Lecturer Ghada Sharaf al-Din Abdel-Rahim 2297883 0106182155
Assistant Lecturer Rasha Ibrahim Mohammed Hassan 01063942075
Assistant Lecturer Walaa Mohamed Sayed Jomaa 2353373 01061991650

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