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Preparing veterinarians with a wide and comprehensive level of knowledge in food hygiene able to examine and identify foods below standards or those are unfit for human consumption.


Teaching post-graduate students in food hygiene and providing them with the ability to isolate and diagnose causes of food poisoning.


Conducting laboratory and environmental research in the filed of food hygiene to identify healthy foods of animal origin and make sure that it is free of disease.


Running seminars and training courses for veterinarians working in the field of food hygiene.


Preparation veterinarians them broad and inclusive school in the field of health food control

Degree Member Telephone Mobile
Leader Department
Professor Enas Elbrns Mohamed Mohamed 088/2297747 01001527421
Professor Saad El-Din Mohammed Ibrahim Nasr 0123803691
Professor Hussein Yusuf Ahmed Yusuf 088/2311250 01006071789
Professor Tawfik Abdel Rahman Marzouk Elbassiony 088/2134625 01006444684
Professor Moustafa Khalil Moustafa Khalil 0882134744 01149449422
Professor Ahmed Abdel--Hameid Ahmed 0882134183 01003811400
Professor Yehia Abdalibdie Mahmoud Hefnawy 088/2146844 01003486791
Professor Talaat Sayed Ali El-Khateib 088/2320990 01001918447
Professor Nagah Mohammed Saad Maharik 088-2130401 01060506296
Professor Shaukat Mohammed Fathi Abdel Latif 0504371776
Professor Mohammed Sayed Ahmed Moursy 088/2291069 01223398779
Professor Wallaa Farouk Amin Ahmed 088/2367170 01005243506
Associate Professor Sherief Mohammed Sayed Abd-Allah 01017439297
Associate Professor Doaa Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Mohamed 088/2080991 01125838581
Associate Professor Ashraf Mohamed Abd El-Malek 20882295521+ 201017020075+
Associate Professor Hesham Abdel-Moez Ahmed Ismail 088/2134992 01019757109
Assistant Lecturer Maha Mohamed Osama Abdel-Khaliq 088/2321659 01006181884
Demonstrator abeer mostafa hassan abdel aal 01093933678
Demonstrator Marwa Gamal El-Dein Abd El-Kader 01015834889
Demonstrator Diaa Bakheet Mohamed Bekheet 0882290635 01125571149

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