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Preparation of well qualified veterinaries in the field of Internal Medicine, infectious disease, Fish disease and clinical laboratory diagnosis.


Training of postgraduate students in the field of Internal Medicine, infectious disease, Fish disease and clinical laboratory diagnosis.


Qualification of local veterinarians and development of their skills in different fields via-continuous education programs.


Conduction of scientific research in recent Methods of diagnosis and treatment of various Animal and Fish diseases and other problems in the veterinary field.

Degree Member Telephone Mobile
Leader Department
Professor usama Abd El-Hakim Aly 0882346967 01025867958
Professor Abdalmtalb Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahim 0882334305
Professor Laila Salah al-Din Ahmed Yousef 0882326629 01060819196
Professor Taha Ahmed Ahmed Allawi 0882332763 01223971323
Professor Ahmed Abdel Fattah Amer Ibrahim 0882339353 01227433041
Professor Ali EL-Sebaie,H Ali 0882314890 01001026789
Professor Mohammad Hassan Karam Abu Zeid 0889200888 01126542028
Professor Ahmed Mahmoud Attia ZAITOUN 0225939088 01006248251
Professor Arafat Sadeq Sayeed Htih 0882315205 01065722657
Professor Ibrahim Hussein Ahmed Abdel-Rahim
Professor Ahmad Abd Elhady Mohammad Hassanein Elkaml 0882314334 01222303195
Professor Nashwa Esmat Abdel-Azim Waly 0882080076 01001827991
Professor Mahmoud Rushdi Abd Ellah Ahmed 0882295098 01005398773
Professor Amr Mohamed Abdel-Fattah Mohamed 0882315242 01114343403
Professor Prof. Dr./ Ahmed Abdel-Rady Mahmoud Mohamed 088-2161078 01096126220
Professor Ghada Ahmed Mohamed Aboualala 0882315242 01114343413
Associate Professor Nasr-Eldin Mohamed M. Aref 0882349106 01060024252
Associate Professor Mahmoud Mostafa Mahmoud Mohamed 0882327194 01143853106
Associate Professor Hatem Mohamed Toughan Soliman 01013164611
Associate Professor Maha Ibrahim Hamed Ibrahim 0882130540 01003826321
Associate Professor Hussein Awad Hussein Mohamed 01006992921
Lecturer Ebtsam Sayed Hassan Abdullah 0882327194 01124067483
Lecturer Safaa Sayyed Hassan Hassanein Malak 01002906468
Lecturer Khaled Ahmed Sayed Mohammed 2506266 01003489735
Lecturer Hanan Kamal Elsayed Ahmed 0882400481 01006988789
Lecturer Amira Adel Taha Abdel Aleem AL-Hosary 01004477501
Lecturer Arafat Abdellah Abdelrahman Khalphallah 01283888020
Lecturer Haitham Hussein Mohammed 0882376182 01019771076
Lecturer Sarah Abdel Latif Hassan Bayoumi 0882180055 01007176413
Assistant Lecturer Ehab Nabil Ahmed Ali Mohamed Mask 002-088-9204808 01005878101
Assistant Lecturer Shaimaa Wagdey Mahmoud Abdelmegid
Assistant Lecturer Abdel-Basit Awida Abdel-Basit 01062441235
Demonstrator Fatma Saber Mahmoud Abd Majed 01063345393
Demonstrator alamira marzouk fouad mohamed 01141385489
Demonstrator Zeinab Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed 01096517538
Demonstrator Abeer Abd El-warse Mahmoud Abd El-warse 2134576 01003884940
Demonstrator Mohamed gomaa Mohamed Metwally 01092625076
Heba abd-el baset nasr 0882318912 01027955002

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