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Contributing to the preparation of a graduate veterinarian equipped with an up-to-date knowledge of poultry diseases and their academic and clinical problems to which poultry flocks are exposed; in order to increase its productivity and secure a safe source of animal protein for human consumption.  This is done through the application of an exceptional academic program and conduction of research, to solve poultry farms problems in Upper Egypt.

Degree Member Telephone Mobile
Professor Elrifai Mohammed Rifai Elsayed
Professor Nahed Abdel Aziz Gad Ahmed 01223971587
Professor Awad Abdel-Hafez Ibrahim Fadl 01090002585
Professor Mostafa Abdalmtalb Shehata Hassanein 088-2327243 01222303449
Professor Tolba Younis Abdel-Motalb Abdel-Jawad 01113705605
Professor bakheet mohamed bakheet salem 0882290635 01062883730
Professor Adel Mohammed Soliman Abdul Rahman 01001321168
Professor Kamal El-Din Sayed Zinati 01001858040
Professor Mustafa al-Bakri Sayf al-Din Yusuf Abdul Jalil 01223971579
Professor Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Ali 01223971581
Professor Ragab Sayed Ibrahim Ali 0882321674 01005222622
Professor Moamn Abdel-Azim Mohamed Abdul Majid 0882080991 01282157016
Lecturer Omar Ahmed Kamel Amin
Lecturer Ahmad Khalaf Abdel-Hamid Hassan
Lecturer Shiem Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed El-Sherry 0882302077 01025011420
Assistant Lecturer Mohamed Saleh Hussein Hassan 002-01004512235

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