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Improvement of teaching methods to use modern scientific facilities that helps students to understand theoretical and practical lessons.


Join the department with society, with special reference to the site and farm visits as well as animal collection places.


Social, cultural and scientific relations between students and staff-members by seminars, sport and cultural festivals. Establishment of scientific seminars and workshops to help the veterinarians in the veterinary field.


Establishment of important methods for enhancement and development of the surrounding community.


Provide modern technologies for research, which helps community enhancement


Provide consultation and experience for the veterinarians in the veterinary field. 

Degree Member Telephone Mobile
Leader Department
Professor Asmaa Abdel-Nasser Ahmed Hussein 2323385 01003001619
Professor Abdel-Moez Ahmed Ismail Mohamed 2080707 01222308989
Professor Reem Mahmoud Dosoky Badawi 2329896 01005787702
Professor Moustafa Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed 2338746 01006306868
Professor Sotohy Ahmad Sotohy Mohamed 092-7925393 01065437088
Professor Madiha Hosni Ahmed Darwish 2348584 – 088 01001149693
Professor Amal Sayed Mohammed Sayed 2329982 01003341149
Professor Raafat Abdel Moneim Hassanein Youssef 088/2142340 01001194184
Professor Saber Abdalmottagly Hassanein Kotb 01005688565
Associate Professor Silvia Osama Ibrahim Ahmed 2315555 01006080028
Associate Professor Manal Abdel-Allah Mohamed Mahmoud 088-2338574 01091691219
Lecturer Hosnia Swafy Abdel-Mohsein Swafy 088-2411645 01009064514
Lecturer Dalia Mohamed Ali Hassan 01027466122
Lecturer Marwa Sayed Ahmed Al-Sayed Khalaf 2324515 01124291219
Lecturer Usama Taha Mohammed Fareed Mahmoud 2277440 001022708788
Lecturer Mostafa Farghal Namish Ateya Abushahba 01147701008
Lecturer Ahmed Abdel-Aleem Abdel-Hafeez Mohamed 2602455 01007971302
Assistant Lecturer Mohamed Ramadan Fahmy Farghali 01061271527
Assistant Lecturer Hanan Amin Mosa Soliman 01113679110
Assistant Lecturer Reem Mohamed Alsaadawy 01147699935
Demonstrator Israa Mohamed Ali Mohamed 01014345048
Demonstrator Gehad Ali Mohamed Abdel Rahman 2746023_088 01099611962_011
Demonstrator Shaimaa Hamed Mohammed Abolmagd 01010078649
Demonstrator Fatma Ahmead Shaban Ali 01114332190
Demonstrator Shaimaa gamal matoq El Said 0882028218 01016547222

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