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The mission of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Assiut University is to provide labor market with efficient veterinarians through the preparation of basic cognitive structures and technical skills for graduates to compete locally.
Besides, the mission includes conducting scientific research in the field of veterinary medicine to serve the community and its needs in the various veterinary fields.

The vision of the faculty of veterinary medicine, Assiut University is to increase the public awareness of general animal health issues and importance of the veterinary medicine for the maintenance of the animal wealth in Egypt.
The faculty also aims to enhance the scientific research to address the various veterinary field problems

Continuous development of the educational environment system for the graduation of a competitive vet who is scientifically and clinically qualified

1/1. Continue to apply the accreditation standards established by the National Quality Assurance Authority.

1/2. Complet

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Faculty Dean
Mot du doyen

DEAR my teachers and my fellow faculty members and their assistants - the administrative body - my sons and my daughters students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ........ Peace, mercy and blessings of God College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Assiut, was established by Ministerial Decree No. 828 for