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Continuous Improvement and Qualifing for Accreditation Project

The Current project in the Faculty which aim to prepare the faculty to be qualified for accreditation, through this project another program will be established beside the current program. In addition, the current program and the new one will be converted to the credit hour system, more information

Quality Assurance and Accediation Project

There has been considerable development in veterinary education all over the world during the last 10 years. In particular, the climate in which universities operate has changed considerably with the move towards mass of higher education systems. Veterinary education is responsible of setting professional standard veterinarians as a primary duty, which cannot be achieved without applying an internal quality assurance system .... read more

Developing Of Veterinary Education In the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine To Prepare Veterinarians For The Labour Market

The goal of the project proposed is to provide the Upper Egypt community with professional veterinarians and highly qualified graduates in various veterinary fields. Mission of veterinary faculties is to serve the community as leading centers for undergraduate, graduate and professional veterinary education..... read more

Enhancement of Veterinary education in the field of Theriogenology and Artificial Insemination

This project is one of the HEEPF projects , it aims to enhance the veterinary education in the field of theriogenology and artificial insemination by holding training cycles , workshops and lectures for students and veterinarian to raise thier expert , scientific level , training for operations and new techniques for diagnosis and treatment of diseases..... read more

Upgrading and Development of Meat Hygiene and Technology Education in Egypt

Meat and meat products are essential for human life, so it is imperative to know different aspects of their safety. UP-DMHTE project at the departments of food hyhiene in the faculies of Veterinary Medicine in Egypt, took the responsibilities of upgrading teaching methods of meat hygiene and enhancement of the effeciency of practioners on judgement of meat and meat products .... read more

Studies on early diagnosis of different abdominal disorders with special reference to the surgical interference for treatment in cattle and buffaloes

The objectives of the project are registration of different abdominal disorders in cattle and buffaloes. Assessment of methods and techniques used for early diagnosis and differential diagnosis of different abdominal disorders. Application of all different methods of medical and surgical treatment of all affected animal. Post graduate courses for veterinarians and genereal practitioners. Publication of several handouts and manuscripts depending on the results obtained from the project..... read more

Developing Knowledge and Improving Skills in Molecular Biology for Medical Science

Our project highlights the importance of molecular biology as a modern science in the medical field for both the university staff members and postgraduates. It is obvious that this field did not receive too much attention by many investigators, may be due to lack of knowledge and skills and/ or lack of funding resources....... read more

Molecular Approach for Evaluation of PPD Tuberculin test Toward the Development of a Reliable Field Diagnostic Test For the Control of Bovine Tuberculosis

The goal of the project is to develop a better skin test assay based on specific antigenic protein fractions prepared from locally produced Tuberculin and Brucellin that would give strong and specific reaction only with bovine tuberculosis and bovine brucellosis-infected animals, respectively....... read more

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