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p The Quality Assurance Unit:

The Quality Assurance Unit (QAAP) was established in the Faculty to assure the sustainability of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Project.

Chairman of the Board: :

Prof. Diefy Ahmed Salem Shalabi  
The Dean of the Faculty


Professor/ Thabet Abdel- Moneim Ebrahim

Management Team:

Dr. Nasr-Eldin M. Aref
Professor/ Zakaria Mukhtar Zaki Mohamed Vet. Mahmoud Abdel-Karim Mahmoud
Professor/ Arafat Sadeq Sayeed Htih   Vet. Mohamed Hosny Abdel Hafez kotob
Professor/ Najeh Mohammed Saad Mahariq Radwan Vet. Walaa Mohamed Sayed Jomaa
Professor/ Stouhy Ahmed Stouhy Vet. Abeer Moutafa Hasan

Professor/ Mohamed Adel Mohamed Ali

Dr. Kadry Abd elwahab

Professor/ Ahmed Abdel Baky Sharkawy

Dr. Salah eldin M. Ibrahem
Professor/ Ragab sayed Ibrahim Mr. Moustafa M. Hassan
Dr. Moamn Abdel-Azim Mohamed Mr. Mahmoud M. Ahmed
Dr. Walaa Farouk Amin Ahmed Mr. Moustafa Naseer Sayed (student)

Dr. Taymour Mohammed EL-Sherry

Ms. Nourhan Esam Eldeen (student)

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