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Veterinary Teaching Hospital
The hospital is located in a document to build the administrative assistant for the office at the moment.
It is currently creating a new building to provide more space for different units clinic.
The hospital provides a dual function, namely, education and services, including diagnosis and treatment of large animals,
birds and fish sonar developed other types of available devices to assist in accurate diagnosis.
And it brought the animals in different parts of Assiut, as well as neighboring provinces to the hospital for care.

Veterinary hospital doctors:
Hospital: D / Hassan Abdul Saboor

Veterinary hospital doctors
Dr. Hamdi Hassan Mahfouz (fellow-full-time specialty of Obstetrics and Tanaslaat)
Dr. Ibrahim Sayed Moawad (a full-time colleague)
Prof. Hassan Zaki Rateb (advisory allocate Animal Medicine)
Dr. Sahar Abou El Wafa (assistant-consultant specialized laboratory diagnosis and clinical)
Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Abdul Hamid (fellow specialty animal surgery)
Dr. Hamdi Salah (specializing in the generation of a colleague)
Dr. Shaaban loyalty to (fellow)
Dr. Inas lifted Meligy (fellow)
medicine. Rasha Ezzedine
medicine. Iman Hassan Abdel Naeem
medicine. Marwa Mohammed Abu Night

Photo new veterinary hospital

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