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Terms of reference of the members of the Board of Directors:
It specializes Board sets policies that achieve the goals of the center which is the dominant power over its affairs and conduct technical, administrative and financial affairs, and the Board of Directors shall, in particular: -

(A) the rules of procedure of the center and determine the duties and functions of its employees.
(B) adoption of the budget in light of the applicable financial rules.
(C) setting prices for services performed by the Center for individuals or bodies from outside or inside the university policy.
(D) the organization of financial rules for fees and wages of the gentlemen of faculty members and their assistants involved in the performance of the Centre's services, as well as incentives and rewards for workers center.
(E) Follow-up business center in the light of its objectives, and review the obstacles that hinder the implementation steps and find solutions to them.
(F) To authorize the President of the Council or his representative, in some jurisdictions that have a sense of urgency.
(G) perform any other work serving the field of veterinary education, veterinary raise the educational level of service.
(H) propose any amendments or additions to this list to be presented to the University Council.

Terms of reference of Chairman of the Board
The President of the Board of Directors manages its affairs and proposing financial and administrative policies and follow up the implementation and respect in particular the following:

1. Call upon the Board of Directors to convene periodically, at least once each month and may invite the Council at the request of a majority of members when necessary.
2. preside over the meetings and the development of the discussions and the adoption of the minutes of meetings

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