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p Crisis Unit and Disaster Management

Terms of reference of the head of the Crisis and Disaster Management:
Supervising the organization of work and the achievement of the vision, mission and objectives of the unit.
Supervision, planning and implementation of the members of the unit training courses organized by the college administration.
Follow-up to spread the culture of awareness to cope with crises and disasters.
Follow-up needed for the deployment of crisis and disaster management culture periodicals version.
Presentation of the reports and boards of unity departments of the Faculty Council and the Council has received comments on them.

Members of the unit:
And the organization of work to do to achieve the vision, mission and goals of unity.
Planning, implementation and evaluation of the steps the face of crises and disasters and to take necessary measures in cooperation with the college management to implement it.
Work on spreading the culture of responding to crises and disasters.
Publication of periodicals necessary to raise awareness in the face and how to deal with the various crises
Regular meetings and work to view a report on the head of the unit for submission to the Department of the College of the study and make observations for implementation

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