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The terms of reference and the following responsibilities:
1. extract functional status data and vocabulary salary and adoption.
2. Prepare the necessary upgrades and adoption documents.
3. The termination of the required documents for scholarships and missions within the Republic or abroad.
4. expiration values and return from holidays procedures.
5. end of secondments procedures inside or outside the Republic.
6. ending attending seminars and conferences within or outside the Republic procedures.
7. termination of the administrative and financial matters of the full-time professors who have reached the age of seventy.
8. Documents required for the extraction of driving licenses and coordination with the Traffic Department of the university are met.
9. required to obtain a personal / family / passport card documents are met.
10. booking air travel tickets.
11. termination of the pension settlement and documents required procedures.
12. extraction permits to enter the campus to cars faculty.
13. the work of medical care procedures are met.

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