Distinguished Professors

Assiut University is proud of its people who have international and national achievements.

 Abdel-aal Hasan  Abdel-aal Mobasher
Nile Prize
in Basic Sciences 2011

 Mazen Mohammed Shafiq Abdel-Salam
Nile Prize
in Advanced Technological Sciences 2015

The State Recognition Prize
In medical science 2009

United Nations Population
in Individual category 2009

 Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Rizk
The State Encouragement Prize
in Engineering Sciences2003

 Ahmed El-Sayed Ahmed Aboutaleb
The State Encouragement Prize

 Fekry Mohamed hady Afifi
The State Encouragement Prize
in Basic Sciences1986

 Ali EL-Sebaie,H Ali
The State Encouragement Prize

Vision Leadership in the construction of a community of knowledge by offering distinguished education, advanced research, and society enhancement activities.
Mission Implementation of human energy to achieve the university's future vision by providing sufficient education for the requirements of the present time and the future, preparing distinguished generations of graduates capable of competition in local and international labor markets; graduates who excel in scientific and technological research, and offering research programs that enhance knowledge and contribute to social development.

1 - Distinguished graduates capable of innovation and competition in the labor market.
2 - Development of graduate studies and research capacity of the University.
3 – Empowerment of interrelation between the university and the community.
4 - Effective administrative organization.
5 - Established university values ​​and ethics.
6 - Support and encouragement for university colleges and institutes to apply accreditation.
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