University Headquarter Assiut City


Area and Location
Assiut University is located in the capital city of Assiut governorate in Upper Egypt. Assiut is the largest city in Upper Egypt and lies about 375assiut map Kilometers south of Cairo.  The total area of the governorate covers 1553 square kilometers, of which the city of Assiut occupies around 23 sq Km. With such an area, Assiut comes first among upper Egyptian capital cities.

Assiut and ancient civilization had been rooted in the depth of history, and its monuments indicate that it had been one of the vanguards of culture, industry and the arts for more than 4000 years BC. It is one of the oldest cities in the whole world.

Assiut could maintain its name throughout history. The name 'Assiut' had been originally derived from the Ancient Egyptian (Sa-oot), which means a guard who watches the borders between Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. The name remained unchanged until the Greco-Roman times where it was given the name Lycopolis (city of the wolf). Since ancient times, Assiut has been distinguished by its fertile land and rich resources.  Until recently, Assiut has been the largest market in Upper Egypt on the level of trade of Sudanese goods and oases and Moroccan products transported easily through the historic road known as Darb Al Arba-een which tied Assiut with the oases and Sudan. In the northern part of Assiut, there streams from the Nile one of the longest man-made canals in the world, the Ibrahimiya which runs at the barrages of Assiut northwards.

The province of Assiut, mostly a semi-desert territory, is hot in summer and cold in winter. However, temperatures vary significantly from nighttime to daytime. All year long, the region is characterized by its clear sky, bright sun, and rare rains.

Due to its national importance, Assiut is linked with all cities and provinces of the Republic through a network of roads, water transportation, and railways. Trains and buses travel from and to Assiut almost every hour for 24 hours. There is also an international airport in Assiut where several Airlines and flights work on regular basis.

There are several places of tourist attraction in Assiut Governorate.  Of these important tourist sites are the ancient graves and tombs of Mir rock, Badari archaeological sites, Al Muharraq Monastery at al Qusyia, the Monastery of Virgin Mary, and some ancient mosques and churches belonging to ancient times. Of relatively modern attraction are the Assiut barrages, Khan Khalili Factory, Al Azhar University, and Environmental Timber Fair.

In the town of Abu Teeg stands the twin Minaret mosque of El-Farghal, one of the most famous religious tourist attractions in Assiut Governorate. It was erected to honor Sheikh Mohammed Ahmed El-Farghal who was born in 810 AH. The mosque is located on a large space, 27 km south of the city of Assiut. Yearly, in a large procession, a celebration of the birthday of El-Farghal is held.

National Figures from Assiut
Assiut was the birth place of many leaders and men of thought and religion. Of the most prominent figures are the following:
Imam Jalaluddin Al Soyouti, Omar Makram, a political leader, Mustafa Lutfi Al-Manfalouti, a well-known literary figure, Mohamed Mahmoud Pasha, a former Prime Minister of Egypt, Sheikh Hassanein Makhlouf former Mufti of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Leader and former President of Egypt, Sheikh Ahmed Hasan Al-Baqouri, former Minister of Awqaf, Kamal Hasan Ali, a former Prime Minister, Mahmoud Hassan Ismail, a poet, Ahmed Baha'Eddin, a  journalist, Dr. Mahmoud Mahfouz, former Minister of Health, Dr. Gamal Al Otteify, former Minister of Culture, Ismail Al Qabbani, former Minister of Education,

National Day
Assiut celebrates its annual National Day on the 18th of April, in celebration of Bani Addie Revolution against the French invaders in the year 1899 AD when the people of the village fought a terrible battle against the French until many were killed and martyred. The French could hardly win the battle only after they hit the town and bombarded it with their fire guns that set all the houses and property in flames.