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Higher Education Enhancement Project Fund (HEEPF) is a mechanism within the national higher education enhancement strategic plan (HEEP). HEEPF is part of the loan agreement ,loan number 4658 EGT, dated April 2002, between the ARE and IBRD to support and Finance priority areas of the strategic plan of the higher Education Enhancement Project HEEP. The amount of the loan allocated for HEEPF Grants equal to 12,000,000 USD that was increased to 13,000,000 USD.

 Shown below are the funded projects of  HEEP which are accomlished in Assiut University



     Higher Education Enhancement Project Fund

This project is a bi-annual competitive mechanism established to support universities/HEIs to fund their reform programs in three main priority areas, namely governance and management, academic programs development and entrepreneurial collaboration projects.

* HEEPF  In Assiut University



  Faculty-Leadership Development Project

The FLDP aims at enhancing institutional and professional potentials of higher education institutions, in addition to developing the skills and aptitude of faculty members and leaders to be able to go along with the developments of the era, to face competition, and to increase the efficiency of higher education outcomes.

* FLDP In Assiut University



Information and Communication Technology Project

The ICTP aims at improving and upgrading university infrastructure and converting university management systems in the Egyptian higher education institutions to computer-based management in order to benefit of the technological revolution, to have quick and easy access for knowledge, to link the Egyptian universities with both the Egyptian Universities Network (EUN) and the National Network of Scientific Research (NNSR). The ICTP also aims at preparing the academic community to deal with the technological revolution.

* ICTP  In Assiut University



   Faculties of Education Enhancement Project

The FOEP aims at achieving a comprehensive development and modernization for the faculties of education that goes along with the international scientific, and professional developments and at the same time takes into consideration the characteristics of the Egyptian society in general and the characteristics of each faculty in particular with respect to its environment, in addition considering total quality as an approach for enhancement.

* FOEP In Assiut University



   Quality Assurance and Accreditation Project

The QAAP aims at allowing the higher education institutions able to establish quality assurance systems through preparing and qualifying these institutions to receive accreditation once the National institution for Quality Assurance And Accreditation (NQAAA) is established and declared

* QAAP In Assiut University




Program of the European Union to support higher education As part of a strategy to develop higher education in Egypt, the European Union Program for support of higher education to provide a range of mechanisms that serve the educational process

* TEMPUS In Assiut University




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