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The University Children's Hospital was established on an area of ​​7000 square meters, and it consits of basement, ground floor and five upper floors, at a total cost of buildings and construction amounted to 65 million, with a total capacity of over 400 beds including all medical specialties in various branches of medicine and surgery for children. It is the first specialized hospital of Pediatrics in Upper Egypt where it was inaugurated on Sunday, 25/7/2004.

The medical service is performed through:-

320 free treatment beds
40 special treatment beds
36 Reception (Emergency) beds
10 intensive care beds
The Hospital includes the following sections and units:-

- The emergency reception unit
- The unit of diseases of the digestive system, liver and malnutrition
- Unit of Hematology
- Unit of Nephrology
- The unity of heart disease
- Unit of Neurology
- Chest Diseases Unit
- Unit of genetic diseases
- Unit Endocrinology
- Unit of general Section
- Intermediate care unit for children
- Unit of Nephrology and Artificial Kidney
- Department of Children Surgery
- A section for special treatment
- The intensive care unit for newborn babies
- An intensive care unit for children
In addition to the outpatient clinics which include 10 clinics of micro-specialties in various branches of pediatric and 4 general pediatric clinics The unit of industrial kidney:-

The unit was opened in university children’s Hospital on Monday, 17/4/2006, at a cost of three million pounds. It has been equipped with the newest equipment and 36 internal bed (Free and private and Britonc wash), and 22 beds for blood washing. There is a water treatment unit with the Capacity of 2 m3 which serves 22 Dialysis bloody machines, and it could serve 30 machines. And the number of children attending the unit from the patients with chronic renal failure is 30 patients who are in need for washing in the rate of two to three sessions per week according to the needs of each child. There are 14 Dialysis bloody machines, and there is also britonc wash for patients who suffer from severe renal failure and the chronic one depending on the status of each child.