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Its origin:

The hospital was a dream of the businessman / Emad Hussein Abdel Nabi. He wanted to serve the people of the northern city of Assiut because this area contains the poorest villages and a great number of poor patients. Here came the idea of Abdel Nabi to provide the integrated medical service under the supervision of a specialist university in Assiut
University Hospitals, so he began to think in two axes:

The first one:

Establishing the building of the hospital and equipping it in a good way so that it matches the private Hospitals in shape and, in essence, to aid the poor people.

The second axis:

Attaching the Hospital to the university hospital to find the adequate medical attention and care. And he succeeded to do that with the help of Allah.
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The Hospital provides medical service of dialysis treatment and the outpatient clinics with two operating rooms and radiology unit, laboratories, integrated interior Rooms. And the prices are less than the cost, all that for the poor patients, in support of the program of the National Democratic Party in the field of comprehensive health and as contribution of businessmen in social and health services under the political leadership wisdom.
The social role is to provide integrated medical service to the poor patients and dissemination of health awareness and the Medical culture of the epidemiological diseases due to unhealthy habits by some groups in society, causing the spread of epidemics and diseases and the fight against harmful social customs such as early marriage and female genital mutilation.
about omelkosor
about omelkosor
about omelkosor
about omelkosor

Vision and Mission of the Hospital:-

The hospital provides integrated health care for poor patients and others in the Hospital’s region and the neighboring regions, specifically the northern city of Assiut, which is affiliated to the Assiut University Hospital, the summit of Medicine in Upper Egypt.

The future vision of the Hospital is to be provided with unit for open-heart surgery, units for CT and MRI, emergency unit, and unit for maternal and child care