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The hospital consists of a set of units and sections, which in turn cover most specialties and services for the hospital.

1-Dialysis unit

2-Water treatment unit with the power of 24 dialysis treatment machines

3-Outpatient clinics

4-Unit of gases

5-Unit of X regular

6-Unit of X-Plays

7-Endoscopy Unit

8-Clinical Pathology Unit

9-Intensive Care Unit

10 - Operating Rooms

11 - Sterilization unit

12 – Residential Unit

13- Doctors Rest room unit

14 – Pharmacy unit, including an outer pharmacy for free sale and an internal pharmacy

15 - Unit of electrical power generation

16 – laundries unit

17 - cafeteria

18 - Mechanical campaign

19 - Center for Information Systems

20 - Administration, accounts, stores and individuals Affairs unit