Assiut Urology University Hospital is the largest hospital in Upper Egypt for the treatment of urology and genitourinary diseases. As it receives thousands of patients for a month to receive treatment, examination and conduct many operations from all over the Republic. As it is characterized by the presence of an elite of urology professors in all specialties of multiple urology surgeries.

For the third year on row, Assiut Urology and Nephrology Hospital gets certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system



The hospital building consists of a ground floor, nine upper floors, and a number of units. The hospital aims to further improve the level of its health services, through the application of quality systems, compliance with the laws and regulations of the local and international Ministry of Health, and continuous improvement of work performance of all its departments.

The hospital has a capacity of 212 beds, and is able to receive 125 patients in the free departments, and 79 patients in the private departments.