Assiut Veterinary Medical Journal

Chief Editor:

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Salah Eldin Youssef

 Editorial Board:

Prof. Dr. Aziza Abd-Elaziz Mahmoud Selim

Prof. Dr. Salah Abd-Elrhaman Mousa

          Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Tantawy Nassef

 Board Secretary:

          Prof. Dr. Yahia Abd-Elbadee Hefnawy 


The journal is published to cover subjects in veterinary and allied sciences.

Correspondance and manuscripts should be sent to the “Secretary of Editorial Board, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Assiut University, Assiut Egypt”

          The manusscripts must be submitted (an original &2 copies) either in Arabic or English accompanied with the computer flobby disk (3.5) on which the article is saver (Microsoft Windows 98 Word 2000 or XP) All manuscripts must be signed by all investigators sharing in the article . The text must be typewritten on one side of quarter paper measuring 21x 29.7 cm . with a left and right margin of 4 cm. And double spacing , Font style size 14. Each English mansucript must be accompanied by an arabic summary . Summaries must not exceed in length 20 lines of typescript or, in the case of short communication 10 lines . Aline comprises 60 type characters. At the head of the manuscript, in addition to the full name of the author, there must appear the official designation of the author, there must appear the official designation of the place where the work was carried out and the head of that place. Addresses of the other contributors must be mentioed at the end of the first page. Name of authors in the text must be in capital letters. Each original article must be as a general rule devided into:


          The number of illustrations and tables must be stated at the paper just below the title of the articlc.

          The number of tables, charts and plates should be strictly restricted. Coloured plates will not be reproduced, except under exceptional cirumstance or when the author is willing to bear the entire cost, and not more than four photos in the page.

          The list of refrences should be in an alphabetical order of the names of authors. Each reference should consist of the following : Authors (Surname and initaials or christian name)Year of publication , Title of the article, Name of the periodic, Number and page number (first, last) . Books or the non – serial publicatios which are quoted in the references must be sited as follows: Author or Authors name, Year of publication , Title of Book, Number of edition, Publisher, and place of publication. Articles not yet published must be denotd the expression ( in press).

          Articles are considered for publication on the understanding that they have neither been published before nor are being considered for publication elsewhere.

          Acopy of the proof will be sent to the first author and it should be returned without delay (two weeks maximum) fully corrected . Any change in the matter is not permissible at that stage.

          In order to obtain the Journal regularly please send a cheque, made payable by $ 45 to Assiut Veterinary Medical Journal.

Asum of U.S. Dollars 110, for each article directed to the following

Account No. 1170/1

National Bank of Egypt

Assiut University Branch

Assiut Veterinary Medical Jounal

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