Dr. Mohamed Badry Mohamed Ali

Associate Professor, Department of Agronomy , Faculty of Agriculture, ِِAssiut University

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Agronomy Department Faculty of Agriculture Assiut University Assiut 71526, Egypt

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Educational Qualifications:
  • Ph. D. In Plant Breeding ( Molecular Breeding ) , College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA, 2010
  • M. Sc. In Agronomy ( Corn Breeding ) , Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University, 2003
  • B. Sc. In Agronomy, Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University, 1999


  • Associate Professor, Department of Agronomy , Faculty of Agriculture, ِِAssiut University, 2016
  • Lecturer, Department of Agronomy , Faculty of Agriculture, ِِAssiut University, 2011
  • Assistant Lecturer, Department of Agronomy , Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University, 2003
  • Demonstrator, Department of Agronomy , Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University, 1999

Research fields:
Crop Breeding , Molecular Plant Breeding


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Awards and Grants :

1 - " " in Agriculturar Sciences, 2008.
2 - " " in Agriculturar Sciences, 2008.
Number of courses1 course

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