Prof. Khaled Mohamed Fares Ali

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research، South Egypt Cancer Institute، Assiut University
Director of South Egypt Cancer Institute، Assiut University
Vice Dean for graduate studies and research، Assiut University
Professor, Department of Anesthesia, Intensive care and Pain management , South Egypt Cancer Institute, ِِAssiut University

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Educational Qualifications:
  • M.D. In anaesthesia icu and pain treatment ( anaesthesia icu and pain treatment ) , South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut University), 2003
  • Professor, Department of Anesthesia, Intensive care and Pain management , South Egypt Cancer Institute, ِِAssiut University, 2014

Current Position :

  • Director of South Egypt Cancer Institute, since December 2013
  • ...Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut University, since July 2018
  • Vice Dean for graduate studies and research, since July 2018
  • Past Positions :

  • Head, Department of Anesthesia, Intensive care and Pain management , South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut University, sinceDecember 2014
  • Research fields:
    Interventional pain , Anaethesia , Intensive Care


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    Supervisions :

    1- Ahmad Mohammad Abd El-Rahman, Assessment of Delirium in the intensive care unit:a multi-centric study, Ph. D., 30 June 2012
    Supervisors : Hassan I.M.KOTb, Khaled Mohamed Fares, Mohamed A.M.MOSTAFA
    2- Diab fuad hetta, effect of preemptive thoracic epidural analgesia combined with iung protective ventilation on proinflammatory cytokine response and postoperative outcome after esophagectomy /, Ph. D., 30 June 2014
    Supervisors : mohamed abd el moniem bakr; khaled mohmed fares; sahar abd elbaky mohamed
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