Dr. Samir Kamal Abdel-Hameed

Lecturer, Department of Internal Medicine , Faculty of Medicine, ِِAssiut University

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  • Lecturer, Department of Internal Medicine , Faculty of Medicine, ِِAssiut University, 2014

Research fields:
internal Medicine


1 - Ahmad Farooq Alsayed Hasanain1, Ali Abdel-Azeem Hasan Zayed2, Samir Kamal AbdelHamied3, Amany Mohamed Adawi Nafee4 and Sherif Mohamed Abdel-Aal5, Long-Term Acid Suppressive Therapy among Naïve Patients with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Infection, Annals of Digestive and Liver Disease, March, 2018
2 - Mohamed G.A. Saleh, 1Hassan L. Fahmy 1, Ahmed F. Omar 1, Hazem AbdelMotaal 1, Mohamed Anwar Sayed 1, Samir Kamal 2, Aqueous urea concentration may be related to cataract development, مؤتمر البحر الأحمر الثالث لطب العيون المنعقد فى مدينة جدة , January, 2018
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3 - Salwa Salah Eldeen El Gendi, Samir kamal Abdul-Hamid, Asmaa Omar Ahmed, Salma Mustafa Mohammed, Urinary kidney injury molecule 1(u kim-1) as a predictor of lupus nephritis, medical jurnal of cairo university, 2018
4 - Shereen Farghaly , Samiaa Hamdy Sadek , Amal M. Abdel-Aal , Amal A. Mahmoud , Ahmed A. Obiedallah , Samir Kamal Abdulhamid , Early markers of renal damage in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) patients with or without diabetes mellitus, Egyptian Journal of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis , Vol.66, PP.645–649, 2017
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5 - M. Ashry1, Osama A. Ibrahim1, Ahmed A. Obiedallah1, Samir Kamal Abdulhamid1, LobnaTag2, Mostafa M. Noor1 , Value of Highly Sensitive Troponin T for Diagnosis of Acute Coronary Syndrome in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients, International Annals of Medicine , Vol. 11, 2017
6 - Hatem Abdel Rahman Helmy Ali a,*, Nady A. Razik Mohamad a ,Hanan Sharaf El-Deen Mohammad b, Samir Kamal Abdul Hamid b, 2-D Speckle tracking in the assessment of left and right ventricular functions in hemodialysis versus recently diagnosed uremic patients with preserved systolic function, The Egyptian Journal of Critical Care Medicine , Vol. 4, pp. 139–144, 2016
7 - Essam Mohamed Abd-El Aziz Ali*Ashraf Anwar Al-Shazly *Refaat Fathy Abd-El Aal*, Samir Kamal Abdu-El Hamid*,Shabaan Radwan Helal**Madleen Adel A. Abdou** The Department of Internal Medicine*,The department of Clinical Pathology**, Faculty of Medicine -Assiut University , Role of Haemodiafiltration in Reducing β2-microglobulin and Phosphorus in Patients with ESRD versus Conventional Haemodialysis, كليه الطب جامعه اسيوط , د عصام محمد عبد العزيز على, March, 2015
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8 - Adel HM Mekawy, Samir Kamal Abdul-Hamid and Mohammed A Sobh, FREQUENCY OF VASCULAR ACCESS INFECTIONS IN PATIENT ON REGULAR HEMODIALYSIS IN LUXOR INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL, ِ Assiut Med. J. , Vol. 39 - No. 1, January, 2015
9 - Ahmed A. Galeel1, Lobna A. Wahid2, Samir Kamal Abdulhamid2, AhmedObiedallah2, Mohammed Aboel-Kassem F. Abdelmegid1and Hanan Sharaf El-Deen Mohammed2 , PARAMETERS OF CARDIAC ELECTRICAL INSTABILITY IN CHRONIC HAEMODIALYSIS PATIENTS , AAMJ, Vol. 10 - No. 4, October, 2013
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