Dr. Samia Makram Ibrahim Mostafa

Lecturer, Department of Oral Biology , Faculty of Science (at New Valley), ِِAssiut University

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Educational Qualifications:
  • Ph. D. In Physical Chemistry, Science, Assiut, 2013
  • M. Sc. In Physical Chemistry, Science, Assiut, 2009
  • B. Sc. In Chemistry ( Special Chemistry ) , Science, Assiut, 2001


  • Lecturer, Department of Oral Biology, Faculty of Science (at New Valley), ِِAssiut University, 2015


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2 - Refat M. Hassana,⁎, Samia M. Ibrahimb, Hideo D. Takagic, Suzan A. Sayeda, Kinetics of corrosion inhibition of aluminum in acidic media by watersoluble natural polymeric chondroitin-4-sulfate as anionic polyelectrolyte inhibitor, Carbohydrate Polymers , Vol. 192, pp. 356–363, 2018
Full text
3 - Refat M. Hassan1 · Samia M. Ibrahim2 · Khalid S. Khairou3, Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of pyruvate by permanganate ion in aqueous perchlorate solution, Transition Metal Chemistry, 2018
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5 - Samia M. Ibrahim a, Ismail Althagafi b, Hideo D. Takagi c, Refat M. Hassan d,⁎, Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of chondroitin-4-sulfate polysaccharide as a sulfated polysaccharide by hexacyanoferrate(III) in alkaline solutions with synthesis of novel coordination biopolymer chelating agent, Journal of Molecular Liquids , Vol. 244, pp. 353–359, 2017
6 - • Hassan, R.M.; Ibrahim, S.M. & Zaafarany, I.A. , Simultaneous Purification and Desalination of Water using Biodegradable Natural Polymers: A Kinetic Study of Reduction of Toxic Soluble Carcinogen Chromium (VI) to Removable Insoluble Chromium (III) Complexes with formation of Coordination Biopolymer Prec, International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, 5, 15522-15536, 2016
7 - R.M. Hassan, A.A. Dahy, S.M. Ibrahim, I.A. Zaafarany, A. Fawzy, Oxidation of some macromolecules. Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of methyl cellulose polysaccharide by permanganate ion in acid perchlorate solutions. , Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, American Chemical Society, 51, 5424-5432, 2012
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