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Unity trading board of directors chaired by the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research and the members of the board of directors of the members of the university faculty specialists in the fields of electron microscope using the various arms of science as well as the general secretary of the university.

طارق عبدالله مرسى الجمال

 Prof. Tarek Abdalla Morsy El-Gammal
Vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research


علام عبدالحميد محمد نفادى

 Prof. Allam Abdel Hamid Mohamed Nafady
Manager of Electronic Microscope Unit

Members of the management unit 2016
1-Prof/ Tarek Abdalla El-gammal - Vice President and Chairman of the Board
2-Prof/ Allam Abd El- Hamid Nafady - Professor of Pathology ,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Supervisor of the Unity
3-Prof/ Fikri Jalal Mohammed - Professor of Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture
4-Prof/ Nageh A. Obaidalla - Professor of Geology ,Faculty of Science
5-Prof/ Faten Youssef Mahmoud - Professor of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine
6-Mr/ Mahmoud Shaker Ammar - General Secretary of the University

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