The Unit Mission


  • The unit is the premiere place for individuals interested in a theoretical and computational understanding of the brain and applying that knowledge to develop new and more effective forms of Molecular Biology technologies and applications

  • The unit mission is to advance technological capabilities for all people and to nurture and promote the professionalism of those engaged in these pursuits.

  • The unit seeks to meet the professional needs and interests of members as well as to improve public understanding of technology, innovation, design, molecular biology and it is contributions.

  • Build up a strong basis for postgraduates in the field of molecular biology that could help them to design and carry out their research projects. Also provide the challenge for the beneficiaries to design their own laboratories.



The Unit Vision


  • The unit will increase knowledge, advance our understanding of the principals and mechanisms of the molecular techniques.

  • To serve the unit member by being the technical professional's best resource for achieving the duties and by providing an effective voice on policies that promote member's prosperity.

  • To fulfill this steps, different modules of workshops will be organized for the participants according to their academic ranks.


The Unit objectives


  •  Develop high-throughput research tools that focus on why disease occurs and to rapidly apply this knowledge to help the peoples in the society.

  • Organizing laboratory based workshops to motivate the laboratory experiences and credentials of participants in different molecular techniques.

  • We aimed to be a reference lab. For diagnosis of many diseases and zoonotic diseases as well like Avian flue ……etc.