Training Courses and Workshops


The unit organizes regular training courses and workshops every year for the staff members and postgraduate students of Assiut University and other Universities in Egypt to familiarize researchers with modern techniques such as PCR, protein biology, molecular techniques, cell culture techniques. These workshops includes both theoretical part and practical training.

  The unit invites foreign and Egyptian professors for lecture presentation. Distinguished professors from Austria, Germany, USA and others have been collaborated in the activities carried out by the unit.  

Research Facilities


There are research facilities for postgraduate students to finish up parts of their thesis and for staff members for doing their research.


Financial Supported Research Projects

  The unit submitted a project to the Higher Education Enhancement Project (HEEPF) and it has been accepted. The project titled "Upgrading skills and knowledge in Molecular Biology for Postgraduates".  

Serving the community


The unit carries several diagnostic techniques for diagnosing various infections in patient allover upper Egypt by advanced molecular techniques. The most important service for the community is the routine qualitative and quantitative diagnosis of HCV in patients. Diagnosis of other zoonotic diseases (diseases transmitted between animals and man) is also carried out.

  Research Projects Carried Out in the Unit    
  • Studying the molecular diagnosis and gene expression of apoptosis in experimental animal models.

  • Studying gene expression of anti-oxidant enzymes in experimentally induced neurological disorders which simulates naturally occurring diseases (as Parkinsonism).

  • Gene level diagnosis of bacterial diseases (as Listeriosis, Campylobacteriosis, E. coli) by PCR.

  • Phylogenetic studies of different microorganisms isolated from different disease pictures (DNA fingerprinting) by RAPD-PCR.