The molecular biology research unit of Assiut University has been established since 1996 under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Rafat Mahmoud, the president of Assiut University at that time. This unit is one of the special units of Assiut university and is directed by a group of eminent professors and staff members from different faculties. The unit is highly equipped with all facilities that allow the staff members of the university as well  as research assistants to get involved in the field of biotechnology and to carry out updated research in this field.
The unit also offers a lot of services to the community either medically in terms of diagnosing diseases or in the field of biological sciences.Technical and administrative affairs of the unit are planned and overviewed by regular meetings of a committee headed by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ragab Bayoumi, the vice president of Assiut University for Postgraduate Studies and Research Affairs and the Chairman of the center