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Assiut University Calls for Promoting Domestic Tourism


The Assiut University Unit for Tourist Promotion, affiliated to the Administration of Social and Tourist Activity, in collaboration with the National Organization for Tourist Promotion in Assiut presented a movie entitled as "Tour, See and Know Your Country," (Touf we Shouf). The movie included a show of previous tours arranged by the university to a number of tourist places, Three Islamic Stores at Quisariya region; the place which was once the capital of Islamic Trade. Also, the documentary included a tour to Al-Magzoub region and some monasteries such as Al Moharraq Monastery, Qusia, and Virgin Mary Monastery, Doronka. It also showed some pharaohnic archaeological areas such as the tombs of Ezbat Yousuf, Badary, and the Umayyad Mosque known as the Big Mosque.