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NAQAAE Chair Announces: Assiut University Ranks Second Accredited University Nationwide After Cairo University


In the first session of the Seventh International Arab Conference for Quality Assurance, Dr. Yuhansen Eid, Chair, National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE), Egypt asserted that spreading awareness of quality culture within communities in addition to supporting the structures and self abilities of educational institutions to perform self evaluation and assessment represent the most remarkable aims through which the Authority works in Egypt. She also revealed that the Authority has 12 standards complying with regional and international standards for accreditation and that the universities which managed to obtain certificates of Quality and Academic Accreditation for the largest number of Faculties are Cairo University followed directly by Assiut University with nine accredited Faculties. However, no governmental university has been accredited until the present time.