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In a Formal Dinner for Oncology Conference Participants, Luxor Governor Dines with Assiut University President and the Delegation of Association of Arab Universities


Dr. Mohammed Badr, Governor of Luxor has participated with Prof. Ahmed A. Gaeis and Arab guests in the formal dinner given to the participants of the 8th annual Oncology Conference organized by the Department of Oncology and Nuclear Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University on "The Most Recent Research in the Field of Oncology Treatments in 2016."
Prof. Ola Nabeeh, Professor of Oncology and Conference Chair stated that the conference was attended by more than 650 professors and specialists from all Egyptian, Arab, and foreign universities. She added that conference included six scientific sessions on hematology, gastrointestinal tract, lung cancer, bladder and breast cancer, and immunotherapy together with four workshops on the quality of Nursing, clinical Pharmacy, and Pathology in addition to a workshops on radio-therapy.