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Assiut University Council Approves the Promotion of 13 Associate Professors in Different Faculties


Headed by Dr. Ahmed A. Gaeis, Assiut University Council approved the promotion of 13 Associate Professors in different faculties including: Agriculture; Dr. Al-Hussein Hamada Abdel-Azeem Hasan, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aziz Abdel-Haleem Sayed, and Dr. Mohamed Tharwat Saeed Abdel Aal. In the Faculty of Pharmacy; Dr. Ahmed Magdy Ahmed Mohamed, Dr. Sahar Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed, and Dr. Haggag Hasan Mohamed Abdalla. In Vet Medicine; Dr. Safaa Sayed Hasan Hasanein, Dr. Hanan Kamal Al-Sayed Ahmed, and Dr. Hanan Hasan Abdel Hafeez.