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PhD Dissertation by Yemeni Graduate Student of Assiut University Recommends Change of Civil and Commercial Laws to Use Electronic Media as a Means of Evidence


Assiut University graduate Yemeni student, Abdel-Salam Qasem Ali Amer defended his PhD Dissertation on "Contemporary Electronic Means of Evidence and their Validity in Civil and Commercial Claims: A Comparative Study." Defence Committee included Dr. Mohamed Saad Khalifa, Prof. of Civil Law and Ex-Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Saber Mohamed Sayed, Prof. of Civil Law and Dean of the Faculty Law and Legislation, Al-Azhar University, and Dr. Shehata Ghareeb Sholkamy, Prof. of Civil Law and Chairman of the department of Civil Law, Faculty of Law. The study handled the treatment of the electronic means of evidence and their liability in civil and commercial dealings. The researcher surveyed the historic and legal development of means of evidence. He also commented the concepts, elements, types, and liability as a basic plea for obtaining legal rights.