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Assiut University Researcher Wins Consultant Mohamed Shawqi Al-Fangary's Encouragement Prize for Best Research in Serving Egypt

2017-08-16Researcher Mohamed Samy Al-Kadi, Assistant Lecturer, Archaeology Department, Faculty of Arts, Assiut University, won the Consultant Mohamed Shawqi Al-Fangary's Prize for best the best research that serves Egypt. The research done by Al-Kadi was entitled: "Towards a Strategy for Tourism Marketing and the Culture of Dealing with Tourists." The Prize is usually organized annually by the Sector for Community Service and Environment Development, Cairo University. This Prize id intended for researcher of different age categories aiming at encouraging scholarship and research work which develop fields such as Education, Health, Unemployment, Water, Energy, and Random Areas (Slums) development. The Prize is sponsored by benevolent endowment of the late Consultant Mohamed Shawqi Al-Fangary.