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Assiut University President Inaugurates Project for Enlarging and Development of The Olympic Village Sectors and a New Rowing Club

2017-09-09Dr. Ahmed A. Gaeis, Assiut University President asserted that the university is keen on providing all facilities for students' activities. The president ensured that these facilities must be diverse so that every individuals from the community can practice a variety of sports. During the opening of the work aimed at renewing and developing the Olympic village, the president gave this announcement as he was accompanied by Dr. Essam Zanati, Vice president for Education and Students Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Salah, Dean of the Faculty of Sports Education, Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Halim, General Supervisor of the Olympic Village, and Mr. Mahmoud Bakheet, Assiut University Deputy General Secretary. The President added that this is the second opening of the Village which was built by the late University President, Dr. Mohamed Raafat Mahmoud eynchronizing with the festivals the university held while hosting the Week Celebration of the Universities Youth. He also praised the new developments and additions.